GTA 5: New Update Marks The Arrival of Fresh Content To Please Fans of Niko

GTA 5: New Update

GTA 5 Players have now been given the opportunity to pick outfits worn by some of the most popular characters in the franchise as part of the new update!

Though GTA 4 was released way back in 2008, Rockstar Games hasn’t lost focus on it. 15 years back, GTA 4 was launched on PlayStation 3, PC and Xbox 360. While the game was received very well by the critics upon its release, it also got a lot of love from gamers in due course of time. With a 98 Metacritic score for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, GTA 4 can be safely adjudged one of the well-reviewed games of all time.

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GTA 4 introduced players to a bunch of interesting characters including Niko Belic, which happened to be the primary playable character. Niko had a cousin called Roman Belic who would often call up players and harass them even when they are participating in an important mission. On phone, Roman would ask them to engage in bowling, pool or darts. Roman would flood players with spam calls. A lot of GTA 4 players would complain about this.

Due to the GTA 5: new update, according to a report published by TheGamer, players will now get the opportunity to pick up the outfits worn by Niko in GTA 4 and the costumes adorned by Claude in GTA 3. One can also pick up the outfits owned by Michael, Franklin and Trevor from GTA 5.

Getting these outfits would be very exciting for players, especially for those who have been playing the GTA games for a long time. Procuring these outfits, however, wouldn’t be that simple. Players, who are interested in picking these outfits, would be required to complete a bunch of in-game tasks.

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The Hired Gun is the name given to Niko’s outfit. To get this particular outfit, a player would need to “complete tier 4 in 25 areas of career progress”. To get The Silent Outfit, which is worn by Claude, the player would be required to “complete tier 4 in 20 areas of career progress”. These outfits are exclusively available on Xbox Series X/S and PlayStation 5 versions of GTA 5.

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