Grand Theft Auto 6: Police To Play An Important Role In The Game

GTA 6 Developer

As per a new report, law enforcement authorities will play a crucial part in taking the narrative of the game forward!

Grand Theft Auto 5 has been around for almost a decade now. Since players have been exploring the game for a very long time, they want Grand Theft Auto 6 to offer at least a few things they haven’t witnessed till now.

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Since the last couple of days, a rumor has been going around about GTA 6 on various platforms including Twitter and Reddit. There are strong reports about Rockstar Games taking the decision to increase the police stars to 6. Before that, 5 was the highest number of stars that were given to the Police.

When a player has reached a ‘wanted’ level in GTA 5, they can expect to be chased by the police. What the police will do with the player depends on the number of stars they have received. For instance, if the police have two stars, they can shoot to kill. When the police have three stars, the player can expect to be chased by a helicopter.

When the authorities have received four stars, the player will be chased by a team that would be very similar to the SWAT team one encounters in real life. A player needs to be really alarmed when they are chased by cops having four stars. These are cops that have ‘murderous’ tendencies and do not think twice before taking somebody’s life.

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While there was no 6-star system in the franchise as yet, there are rumors about one such system being introduced into the game with GTA 6. The rumored military six-star wanted level is expected to have powerful helicopters, tanks and jets. The presence of these elements would make the process of escaping the cops all the more interesting for the players.

Apart from the city police, the six-level system will also feature the army. That itself should give players an idea of how intense things would become. While the player would face a lot of challenges, it would be fun for them to overcome them and move ahead in the game.

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