Grand Theft Auto 5: First San Andreas Expansion Trailer Gets Launched


Those who were anxiously looking forward to the San Andreas expansion trailer being dropped will not have to wait any longer!

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas was launched in the year 2004. Initially, the game got released only on PlayStation 2. The game traced the journey of CJ who getting back to his home in Las Santos. The purpose behind CJ getting back was to attend his mother’s funeral. Getting back to Las Santos, however, results in CJ return his old life of crime and gang wars.

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Upon its launch, GTA: San Andreas was found to be the most visually appealing game around. The game was driven by big ambition and mounted on a huge scale. Players got deeply immersed in the life led by CJ and became his companion in every activity he participated in including working out at the gym, taking flying lessons and engaging in gambling-based activities.

GTA: San Andreas became extremely popular and for years, fans kept waiting for a few elements from it to be incorporated in some of the other games in the franchise. Players were extremely fascinated by the immersive world of San Andreas and keenly looked forward to experiencing it in some way or another.

In the single-player campaign launched by GTA 5, some of these elements were present. However, it left a lot to be desired. Players kept hoping for San Andreas to be represented again, in a more prominent manner.

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The new major update designed for GTA Online: San Mercenaries, as per a press release shared by Rockstar Games, will offer players with the opportunity to participate in the most risky heist to have been constructed in the franchise so far.

In San Andreas Mercenaries, players will get the opportunity to get even with Merryweather Security by joining hands with Charlie Reed who happens to be a mercenary along with being a highly skilled pilot. Calling it an ‘action-packed update’, Rockstar stated that players will get the opportunity to “take flight alongside a team of elite pilots and ex-military operators who to do battle against the monolithic forces of San Andreas’ largest private military”.

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