GTA 6 Could Have Much Better Graphics Than Red Dead Redemption 2

GTA 6 Release Date

The high-quality graphics in GTA 6 will, most likely, be one of the biggest selling points of the game!

Apart from their narrative and exploration opportunities, the GTA games are known for their high-end graphics. At the moment, all eyes are on Grand Theft Auto 6, the upcoming installment in the GTA franchise. Though Rockstar has largely remained quiet on the game, fans have constantly been discussing all the elements the game would offer them to explore.

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Red Dead Redemption 2, launched in the year 2018, was one of those games by Rockstar which received a great amount of appreciation for the quality of its graphics. Fans believed that no game, for years, would be able to match the quality of the graphics one came across in Red Dead Redemption 2. However, there is a good possibility of GTA 6 graphics better than the 2018 action-adventure game.

As per the information published in Rockstar Mag, a popular French publication, the RAGE engine that is being used for developing GTA 6 will ensure that the game will boast of high-quality graphics and a bunch of advanced features. The Unreal Engine 5 has played an important role in making many modern games look cooler. The RAGE engine, however, is expected to go several steps further and offer a highly immersive visual experience to players with GTA 6.

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The report also states that one would get to see massive improvements in areas like water physics. There is also a good chance of vehicle and driving physics being improved upon. This will result in the emergence of car gameplay that will be far more realistic and boast of higher accuracy. The inclusion of realistic physics shall also lead to the presence of a very detailed and reliable weather system. All these factors will result in GTA graphics looking sharper and much more exciting than the kind one saw in Red Dead Redemption 2.

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