GTA 6: News of Rumored Announcement About The Game Gets Criticized By Fans


Fans are not too happy with leakers and insiders making tall claims about the announcement date of GTA 6 which eventually turn out to be false!

Fans have been anxiously waiting for Rockstar Games to make a formal announcement about Grand Theft Auto 6 for quite some time. In February 2022, Rockstar confirmed that it was working on the development process of the next iteration of the GTA franchise. At that time, the gaming studio refrained from sharing anything about the game and didn’t even confirm the title of the game. Fans, of course, have been referring to the game as GTA 6 as they believe this is what the game will be eventually called.

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GTA 6 has not been formally announced and fans are constantly wondering when Rockstar will share some updates about the game. Looking at the announcement history of Rockstar, many believe that a formal announcement about GTA 6 will be made in October. While we are already in October, fans are hopeful that an announcement will happen in the coming weeks.

In March, a leaker stated that Rockstar would unveil GTA 6 in September this year. During this announcement, the leaker stated, the gaming studio would state that the game would be released in the fall of 2024. Since September is already gone, the claims made by the leaker have fallen flat. This has also led to fans questioning all those claims that have been made by other leakers. Since Rockstar hasn’t shared any hint about the announcement date of GTA 6, the ambiguity around it continues to grow.

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On social media, a lot of GTA fans are mocking the inaccurate predictions made by leakers and those who claim to be insiders. Many of these fans have actually gathered on Reddit to criticize these leakers and insiders. A Reddit user, who identifies themselves as Quick_Difference5671, commented on the original tweet posted by the aforementioned leaker, “This aged like fine wine”.

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