Disney Dreamlight Valley Gets Haunted Mission Bundle Back In The Game

Disney Dreamlight valley

The re-introduction of the Haunted Mission bundle should make all those fans happy who have appreciated the elements offered by it!

The Haunted Mission bundle, which was received with a lot of warmth by fans, had gone missing for a while. However, now it has staged a comeback in Disney Dreamlight Valley. It must be noted here that the bundle will be available during the Halloween season for a short while. This particular life sim set, which is based in the world of Mickey Mouse, has been expanding constantly and giving players the opportunity to put together a home and go through a growing valley filled with Disney characters.

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During the summer season, Disney Dreamlight Valley introduced players to a bunch of new characters and realms. The arrival of these new elements made the game even more colorful and vibrant. However, the game has also featured dark elements in the past and in the near future, too, players can expect to see such elements in the game.

The game is giving players the opportunity to buy a plethora of premium content including a bunch of Dream Styles for homes. It also gives them the chance to redesign their home or have a secondary in-game home. Last September, players were introduced to a Haunted Mission bundle.

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Through this bundle, players got the opportunity to get themselves ready for the month of October and Halloween. Sadly, the emergence of a bug resulted in players, who bought the bundle, suffering from different types of problems. This, in turn, led to Gameloft getting the bundle off the shop. Though the issue with the Haunted Mission bundle was resolved in Disney Dreamlight Valley, the bundle was gone from the shop.

Through an announcement made on October 7, the team at Disney Dreamlight Valley confirmed that the Haunted Mission bundle was back in the premium shop. Though available for a limited period of time, the bundle features a traditional Haunted Mission design and another design which is based on The Nightmare Before Christmas.

Players can find the Haunted Mission bundle in the Premium Shop. At the moment, the bundle features the Haunted Mansion Player House Dream Style and Haunted Mansion Haunted “Before Christmas” Mansion Player House Dream Style.

Right now, there is no clarity on how long this bundle will be available. If you are somebody who is excited about Halloween, you should go and check this bundle right away. Since Disney Dreamlight Valley is offering an Autumn bundle for free right now, it is a good time to get one’s hands on this bundle. With Halloween approaching, players will get to experience changing seasons in the game.

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