GTA 6 Developer Shares Insight On Cancelled Game

GTA 6 Developer

The information shared by the former Rockstar North developer could make fans feel even more terrible about the game getting canceled!

There have been several instances in the past where games, that have been keenly looked forward to by fans, have been canceled. Sometimes, a game gets canceled in the pre-production phase and there are times when a gaming studio decides to scrap off a title after it has been in the development stage for a while. Such a step leads to the gaming company losing a great amount of money, but the company always has some concrete reason behind doing such a thing.

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In the last few years, one witnessed several games getting canceled or dropped. One such title was Scalebound that was being put together by PlatinumGames, a company that has been responsible for developing games like Bayonetta 3. The game was touted to be an action RPG that was teased in 2013 but eventually, it got cancelled in the year 2017. For a long time, there was a lot of hype around this game which was scheduled to be launched on PC and Xbox One.

As a game, Scalebound would have traced the journey of Drew, a character that would have a dragon named Thuban as their partner. At Gamescom 2015, the gameplay was revealed and it managed to impress everybody who had a look at it. Given the buzz around the game and the kind of wonderful things it promised, fans were extremely disappointed to see it getting canceled.

There was another game that generated a lot of hype but ended up getting canceled. Being developed by Rockstar North, Agent was teased way back in July 2007. The game was formally announced at E3 2009 and was to be launched exclusively on PlayStation 3. The game, which was set in the 1970s, aimed to include elements from the James Bond movies and merge them with the kind of gameplay Rockstar Games is known for. Fans kept waiting for the game to arrive but in November 2018, it was finally cancelled.

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The gaming community often discusses what led to Agent getting canceled. Finally, an individual, who used to work with Rockstar North as a developer, has offered some insight on it. Via a blog post from Odde Vermeji, a former GTA 6 developer, has stated that Agent was planned as a game that would feature some wacky gadgets along with high-end laser guns. The game, as per the former developer, would enable the players to visit locations like France and Cairo and would also give them the opportunity to explore a ski resort based in Switzerland.

The former GTA 6 developer further stated that the location around the ski resort would have had an exciting downhill gunfight inspired by A View To a Kill and The Spy Who Loved Me, two of the most popular James Bond movies. According to the former developer, a part of the game would have been set in a space station.

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