Fortnite: Chapter 5 Expected To Be The Biggest Update For The Game

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As per an insider, Fortnite Chapter 5 will be the biggest update for the game yet!

Some of the recent teases by Epic and the formal announcement made about the Big Bang event kept the gaming studio in the news for a while. Now, as per a Fortnite insider, Chapter 5 would be the biggest update rolled out to the game till date.

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Chapter 4, Season 4, which had a heist-theme to it, failed to make much of an impact. Fortnite, however, managed to make a big comeback last year by breaking its own all-time record two times in a row in just a few days. This largely happened because of the Fortnite: OG mini-season. Epic has now teased fans about the Big Bang event, which has been scheduled for next month, to be bigger than anything they have witnessed in the recent past.

For a while, one had been coming across rumors suggesting that Eminem would make an appearance in Fortnite. Epic Games recently confirmed the rumors and made a formal announcement about the Big Bang event. While Epic has been quite secretive about all that the live experience would offer, fans are quite certain about something important taking place.

Till now, the teases that Epic has come up with give us an indication that Fortnite has planned it in a very meticulous manner. After the event was officially confirmed, Fortnite insider RealShiina highlighted a portion of the news event that stated that a “new beginning for Fortnite” would commence soon. According to the Insider, Chapter 5 will be the biggest chapter in the history of the online video game.

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The insider further stated that this particular Chapter will be the “biggest evolution” for Fortnite. Despite this information, fans are not very sure as to what exactly will change about the game. What a lot of fans feel right now is that there will be limited focus on the Battle Royale mode in the future.

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