GTA 6 Pricing: Take-Two Interactive Believes Game Should Have a Per Hour Value

GTA 6 Pricing

As per Take-Two Interactive, there is a thought about implementing ‘Per Hour’  pricing strategy for GTA 6 and other games in the future.

Updated [Nov 21, 2023]: CEO of Take-Two, Strauss, was outlining the overall, general pricing convention for entertainment, and he didn’t suggest the need for a new pricing method for core games – and certainly not hourly rates. In fact, he reinforced the need to continually over-deliver on the content/experience relative to the consumer and their spend – and always being in service of our audiences first and foremost.


Recently, Rockstar Games confirmed that a trailer for Grand Theft Auto 6 would come out in the month of December. After this, many believed that one wouldn’t come across a lot of rumors and leaks surrounding GTA 6. However, that was not to happen. Leakers and insiders are still having a field day spreading information (or misinformation) about GTA 6.

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Take-Two Interactive, Rockstar Games’ parent company, has stated that it would be a good idea to have games priced ‘per hour’. The comments made by Strauss Zelnick, CEO at Take-Two Interactive, on games having a “per hour value” might have offended some fans but he doesn’t seem to be concerned about it.

According to Zelnick, players should be paying based on the number of hours of gameplay they engage in. At the moment, most AAA games are priced between £60 and £70. Therefore, if Take-Two resorts to such a practice, playing these games would become a more expensive exercise for fans.

Justifying his viewpoint, Zelnick further stated that the “algorithm” equals the “expected entertainment usage”. Since they are offering several hours of engagement, Zelnick believes this new pricing strategy would work well for most fans and prove to be cost-effective for them in the long run. Fans, however, are not too convinced. They believe that this particular move would result in most AAA games becoming more expensive and inaccessible.

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The statements made by Zelnick have also made several fans feel worried about the possibility of GTA 6 being offered using a similar pricing strategy. While some fans are of the opinion it would be the most expensive GTA game yet, some are of the opinion that Rockstar would stick to a lower price point to ensure it becomes accessible to a large gaming community.

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