GTA 6 – Development Work on the Game Almost 70% Complete Claims a New Tweet

GTA 6 game

There has not been a let down in the shrillness of the debate on GTA 6.

Some new development keeps the fans going hyper and offering new interpretations. Almost the entire last week was dominated by the report by Kotaku which did not directly deal with the Grand Theft Auto game. Its focus was on the work culture inside the studio, Rockstar Games. There was just a mention that the GTA 6 was under development, but maybe still in early stages. Now there’s a new tweet countering this position and confirming that the studio has already finished up to 70% of the work. Obviously, the fans are left confused. They are not sure whom to believe.

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The New Tweet from a Reliable Source?

When it comes to rumors, you cannot rely on any source as none has access to the studio directly. It is usually hearsay. The latest one is from Tez2 with a Twitter handle @TezFunz2 and according to what he had heard from sources within Rockstar, the work on GTA 6 is “60% to 70% complete”. This appears to be more palatable to the gaming community since GTA 5 was released in 2013 and the studio generally starts work on the next iteration even before the release of the last one.

Seven years of work should have carried them beyond the 70% mark. Fans are screaming for the release of the game and the reports suggesting that it is still in early stages of development beats all logic. The slender possibility is that after some parts were developed the work has been passed on to Rockstar North, the UK branch of the studio, which is also largely involved in the development of the game. The Kotaku survey team may not have had access to the latest work at the studios.

Fans would Love to See the Game Released

In reality, the portion of the Kotaku report that gave more hope to the fans was that the studio plans to launch lighter or smaller versions of games going ahead. This was part of concerted efforts on the part of Rockstar to bring in a cultural change within their organization. This is focused on reducing the size of any new game at the time of its release and then adding DLCs later.

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This would reduce or even do away with the ‘crunch’ culture where the employees are under constant stress. This information gave the avid gamers the hope that the time taken to complete GTA 6 would stand shortened and they would see Rockstar coming out with the official announcement anytime soon and the game would be released by the end of 2020 or at least early 2021.

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