GTA Online – Serious Flaw Suddenly Deprives Players of Their Possessions in the Game

Video games develop snags while playing and some crash or don’t accept certain commands.

A new bug found in the popular Grand Theft Auto Online game left the players fuming as properties, vehicles and other items they purchased in the game suddenly disappeared. These are displayed as no longer being owned by gamers. The characters are being evicted from the properties they were occupying earlier. Rockstar Games has quickly responded to the volley of complaints and has put out a tweet claiming to have resolved the issue but many players are still not convinced.

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Is the $500K Bonus the Trigger for This Issue?

Reddit is the site where most players vent their feelings when an issue arises. According to some, the recent offer of $500,000 bonus in-game money to those logging in has been responsible for this bug to creep in. People found their game assets missing as soon as they logged in and received the amount to their credit. Some players reported to have got the $500K bonus more than once.

Interestingly, there were others who said they had not received any bonus but their assets have also gone missing. This has naturally upset the players since they would have accumulated these properties and even businesses through many hours of playing and winning. A number of players would have used real dollars to buy the in-game cash to make purchases or play higher levels. All these have now been erased from their accounts in one stroke. The only asset unaffected is the yachts owned by them.

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Another important thing is that only those playing the game on their PCs experienced this difficulty and not the ones on PS4 or Xbox One.

Rockstar Says Have Resolved the Issue

There is a tweet put out at 1.20AM on April 16, 2020 by @RockstarSupport saying they have resolved the issue relating to the non-display of properties and weapons. Players have been advised to restart the game and to sign in again. It appears through subsequent posts on Reddit that this issue is not fully resolved. Some say they are now able to see the items they owned displayed but in an altered sequence. Some say they have still not been able to retrieve their assets.

The studio is possibly still working on it and the issue may be fully resolved soon.

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