The Sims 4 – Now Enjoy Live Streaming on Twitch and Join the Fun

Sims 4 twitch

The new norm of staying indoors has led to every kind of innovative online idea coming from the content providers.

You have been playing The Sims 4 and the game’s custodians are saying stay at home and play together. To facilitate this, they have taken to The Sims Twitch channel to live stream the game at fixed hours every day for a week. This is a collective effort by Sims creators from around the world.

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SimsGurus Come to the House Party

This has been the initiative of the SimsGurus, the experts who help with moderating the game and the inside team calling itself the Game Changers. They have been working on this for some time it appears and they have drawn up a schedule which is available on channel. The schedule starts on April 20 and goes on till April 24. While on the first day, it was at 2 pm ET the rest of the days the time fixed is 11 am PT. The language will be English throughout since it is to be played worldwide. The five days have five stories starting with the Build Mode on day 1. Then it is followed by the CAS mode and three Live Mode sessions, where the story starts and continues on day 4 and concludes on the third (day 5) and final day. Each day will be moderated by a separate SimGuru.

Sims 4 schedule

There is an open invitation to play and enjoy. If you wish to join the fun, go to the above link at the scheduled time and get all the kick out of playing The Sims 4 game.

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Be Creative; Make the Best of the Situation

There is a smooth build-up to the story starting with constructing the building. The next day, the story will get populated with the characters and so on. The game’s managers would want to call this the House Party and it can turn out to be one hell of a contact-free social connection. You may get to dance in your own home when others are doing the same at their respective places. For added fun, you can keep posting updates on Twitter tagging the #SimTogether handle. You may get some codes during the live streaming as well; the Sims team has said.

This could open up new ways of playing the Sims 4 and create new partnerships on the way.

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