GTA 6 – More Evidence on Project Americas Theme Emerges

GTA 6 Project Americans

Among the rumors that predict that the game would be launched either towards the end of this year or the beginning of 2021, there’s some confirmation that the Project Americas theme is for real.

The Project Americas theme has been explained through multiple cities figuring in GTA 6. Though the main location will be Vice City that will resemble Miami, Florida, Rio de Janeiro, the capital of Brazil will be included as well. The theme Project Americas was formed with one city each from North and South America. Based on the research conducted at Rockstar by Kotaku and the report it has submitted, Rockstar may decide to first release the game GTA 6 with just Vice City and the gameplay to include Rio de Janeiro may follow separately as DLCs or expansion packs. This is one of the main points to emerge from the report. The report also says that rockstar is trying to make changes to its work culture.

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Make Smaller Game Packages While Launching

The study undertaken at Rockstar aimed at the kind of work environment the studio provides to its technical staff. These are mostly game developers including graphics designers, software engineers and so on. Most of them work under a lot of stress in order to finish the work before the deadlines. This is loosely termed at crunch culture. Rockstar wants this to be changed and offer a more flexible and stress-free method of working.

GTA 6 Rockstar

This is how the idea of making the initial launch of a new game with a smaller sized file for download came up. There could then be periodical additions through DLCs. In GTA 6, for example, you may not find Rio in it at the time of launch. It may get added subsequently.

There are even suggestions of a third location, Liberty city.

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This may become the norm for Rockstar going ahead. When any new game is being developed, the studio will try to minimize the size of the game for the first release with more modules being added later. Now, this will first reduce the time taken to get the game ready for release. It can also mean more games being released in a year than is being done now. This is precisely what the studio’s owner and the game’s publisher Take-Two Interactive had promised earlier.

It also appears as if GTA 6 may also follow the GTA Online model offering the game as a service. You keep paying as you play and use the in-game cash to keep progressing and buying new stuff.

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