GTA 6: Fans Are Willing To Buy The Game Even At Much Higher Prices

gta 6

There is a good chance of GTA 6 being put up on sale at an astronomical price but fans are not bothered!

While GTA 6 has been in the news for years, Rockstar Games shared a confirmation about it developing the game early last year. After the official announcement came through, the gaming community witnessed a spike in the excitement around the game. The GTA franchise has been one of the biggest gaming franchises of all time and whenever GTA 6 releases, it is bound to make a splash.

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For years now, one has heard several types of rumors about GTA 6. Of course, ever since Rockstar confirmed the development of the game from their end, the number of rumors and ‘leaked information’ have increased manifold. One of the rumors surrounding the game has been about its pricing.

When it comes to digital download, most of the new AAA titles are priced between $60 and $70. In fact, most of the newer games launched by other studios, are, priced in the same range. Given the fact that a large number of gamers buy gaming titles online, setting this price point works well for the market.

Some of the recent leaks, however, state that GTA 6 will cost around $150 upon its release. While a handful of players are of the opinion that this pricing is too high for the game, majority of the gamers feel that the GTA 6 price is justified since Rockstar has invested a large amount of sum in the game.

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Being the sixth iteration in the GTA franchise, a lot of expectations are riding on the game. While Rockstar hasn’t shared any official information about the game yet, what one is sure about is that the game will be mounted on a huge scale. This would automatically lead to Rockstar spending a lot of money of it.

While a large section of fans is quite gung-ho about the game and willing to pay a high price to acquire it, it is important to note here that not every gamer will be able to afford a game priced at $150. The pricing will make the game inaccessible for several gamers and that would reflect in its initial sales.

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