GTA 6 Will Be Unplayable For Several Gamers Upon Its Launch


While GTA 6 is the most anticipated game of the current times, many wouldn’t be able to play it when it finally drops!

In recent years, no other game has enjoyed the kind of hype as Grand Theft Auto 6 has. While the game has been discussed for a long time, Rockstar Games shared a confirmation about it being developed in February 2022. Since then, the discussions around the game have only intensified. However, Rockstar has remained secretive about the game and hasn’t shared any details about it.

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Since the last two years, leakers and gamers have been very regular with updates pertaining to the game. None of these updates, of course, are officially confirmed and one is not sure if any of the things one has been told about the game will turn out to be true. From the rumored setting of the game to the map that has been designed for it, there is a lot that one has heard about the game so far.

While the game is being keenly looked forward to by the gaming community, many wouldn’t be able to try it out once it launches. At the moment, there are strong rumors about GTA 6 not releasing on last-gen consoles and releasing directly on Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 5 and PC.

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If the game launches by the year 2025, many gamers will have switched to new-gen consoles. However, there would still be many who would only have access to the older consoles. This would result in many players not getting to play GTA 6. This would definitely have an effect on the sales of the game especially during its initial release. Even if somebody really wants to play GTA 6, they might not be able to procure a new-gen console immediately.

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