The Elder Scrolls 6: Insider Claims The Game Will Be Several Steps Ahead of Starfield

The Elder Scrolls 6

If one goes by recent reports, eagerly anticipated action role-playing game The Elder Scrolls 6 will very much live up to the expectations of the fans!

In the recent past, one came across several interesting reports pertaining to The Elder Scrolls 6. In 2018, Bethesda had released an announcement trailer for the game and since then, fans had been eagerly waiting for the game to drop. It has been five years and one is still waiting for the game to be launched.

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According to industry insiders, the game will be powered by a very powerful engine. This particular engine, as per the insiders, will be much more powerful as compared to the one used in Starfield. A couple of days ago, Starfield witnessed an early access adopter for itself. The game, however, hasn’t been released in official capacity in the gaming market.

The reviews, that have come in for Starfield till now, have been very positive. While there has been some controversy pertaining to the pronouns picking option in the game, Starfield has received accolades for many of its aspects including character creation and visuals.

As stated earlier, Starfield cannot be accessed by everyone at the moment. Because of this, the hype around the game is not what it could have been. Right now, the Bethesda title that everybody is talking about is The Elder Scrolls 6.

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The Elder Scrolls VI, which was announced five years back, just came out of the planning stage and has now stepped into the conceptualizing phase. Since the game is in its early stages of development, one doesn’t expect it to be out anytime soon. Rumors also suggest that, just like Starfield, it is being designed as a PC or Xbox exclusive.

While most of the rumors surrounding The Elder Scrolls 6 have been far from being significant, the game featuring an engine more robust than the one used for Starfield is quite interesting. Going by the early reviews, Starfield is going to be a major success for Bethesda. And, if the reports about a super-powerful engine backing up The Elder Scrolls 6 turn out to be true, the gaming studio has a much bigger winner on its hands.

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