GTA Online Festive Surprise Christmas Gifts Receive Mixed Response From Fans

GTA Online Festive Surprise

On December 22, 2022, Rockstar Games launched the GTA Online Festive Surprise update.

This update marked the arrival of a bunch of interesting gifts and items revolving around the theme of Christmas. When you log in to the game, you get access to these gifts and accessories.

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While the update has made some fans happy, it has also disappointed a few. Some fans have been disappointed at not receiving a free car during Christmas. Drippy-hasbulla, a GTA enthusiast, expressed their disappointment at not being given any free vehicles. The player posted a picture of the gorgeous Vapid Clique they were given for free in the year 2018 during the Christmas season.

Drippy-hasbulla is not the only GTA fan who is upset about not receiving a car during the festive season. Many other fans have come forward and shared their disappointment about it. Getting a free vehicle, after all, is one of those things that GTA fans look forward to during the festive season. On Reddit, a large number of fans of the GTA series have posted comments and made it clear that they are not happy with not being provided with free vehicles this time.

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Keeping the disappointment aside, there are still many wonderful items one can avail of this festive season for free. The GTA Online Festive Surprise 2022 event has offered players a plethora of holiday-themed items they can get for themselves at zero cost. The event lasts till December 28.

Some of the most interesting items made available as a part of the GTA Online Festive Surprise 2022 event include a Green Reindeer Beer Hat, Candy Candy melee weapon, Canvas Prints, Firework Launcher, 5x Proximity Wines, 25x Sticky Grenades, 25x Grenades, 20x Firework Rackets, Full Armor, Full Snacks and 10x Molotovs.

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