Unreleased GTA Online Content Gives Away GTA 6 Location

GTA Online Players

Recently, a bit of unreleased content related to GTA Online surfaced on the internet.

What’s interesting is that this content, which has not been released officially, has given fans some important information about the location of GTA 6. Or, at least that’s what they believe at the moment.

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Earlier this, Rockstar Games confirmed that it was working on developing the next iteration of the GTA franchise. While fans were certain about a GTA game being in the works, this confirmation made them feel jubilant and hopeful about the gaming publisher sharing more updates about the game soon. However, that was not to happen. It has been several months and Rockstar has refused to share any detail about GTA 6.

The owner of a Twitter account, which goes by the handle ClassiqueGTA, managed to get their hands on the unreleased shirt designed for GTA Online. The short is named ‘Downtown Cab Co. Revere Collar’ and features a can driving across the city. The image of a city on the shirt made fans jump to the conclusion that GTA 6 will be set in this particular city.

While the image of the city does not overtly look like Los Santos, many fans are of the opinion that it could be a ‘generic interpretation’ of the city. Fans have also pointed out that Downtown Can Co. is the name of the taxi company that finds a mention in GTA 5 and GTA Online. On the shirt, one can also see a mountain that bears a strong resemblance to Mount Chiliad from GTA 5.

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Some statements made by Microsoft in the recent past hinted at the possibility of GTA 6 being launched in 2024. However, Rockstar hasn’t offered any clarity on it. At the moment, this shirt has created quite a stir on social media and played an important role in keeping the discussions around GTA 6 alive this week.

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