GTA 6: Fans Expect Many Car Thefts To Take Place In The Game

GTA 6 leak

After a GTA fan posted a suggestion about Rockstar incorporating several car-based activities in GTA 6, many fans lent their support to his views!

In 2013, Grand Theft Auto 5 was released. We are in 2023 and we still don’t get to play the next iteration of the GTA franchise. Yes, GTA 6 is in the works but one has to wait for a long time for it to release. The game is currently in the development stage. Though Rockstar Games has refrained from sharing anything about the much-awaited game, the leaks and rumors pertaining to the game ensure that it remains in the news and is discussed fervently in the online GTA communities.

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As stated earlier, there has been a lot of speculation around GTA 6. Fans are also chipping in with ideas and suggestions for making GTA 6 better. They have, after all, waiting for the game to arrive for years. Since the game is currently in the development stage, Rockstar might take some of these suggestions seriously and incorporate them into the game.

Recently, a GTA fan shared a post on Reddit which had a suggestion. According to the fan, one of the primary things Rockstar should be focused on in GTA 6 are the cars. The user, who goes by the name, YourPrsionCellmate, further stated that the gaming company should work towards designing a speedometer for vehicles and consider incorporating GTA events. The fan must be aware of the fact that the last few games that were released as a part of the franchise had a dearth of car-based missions. This, perhaps, made them come up with such a suggestion.

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As soon as the post was uploaded, many fans rallied and supported the fan with their views. Many of the users stated that Rockstar should put a lot of emphasis on the ‘theft’ part and enable players to take over business organizations and steal expensive cars.

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