Fortnite LEGO Collaboration: Epic Games Shares Details on What One Can Expect From It


Fans finally have some official information on this much-discussed collaboration!

A presentation, which has been put together by the representatives of Epic Games and LEGO, has offered fans important information about the Fortnite x LEGO collaboration. In the past, Fortnite has had many important collaborations with big organizations. When a new collaboration happens, it often paves the way for new content to be introduced in the game. That’s one of the reasons why fans look forward to collaborations and partnerships happening.

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There has been a lot of chatter about a collaboration taking place between Fortnite and LEGO for a crossover event. In LEGO, a player has to use their imagination and structuring blocks to create something unique or interesting. Even Fortnite offered players enough scope to build interesting things through features like the Save The World. While Zero Build is being widely used now, there is still a lot of interest for building. This is because a lot of players till enjoy exploring the Creative Mode and the features offered by the UEFN software.

Both Epic Games and LEGO have confirmed the collaboration taking place between Fortnite and LEGO. Julia Goldin, who is the Global Chief Product and Marketing Officer at LEGO and Adam Sussman, who serves as the president of Epic Games, put together an elaborate presentation at the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity and offered crucial information on what can be expected from this collaboration. Sussman also spoke about how the Metaverse has played an important role in propelling the growth of Fortnite Forward.

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The aforementioned presentation was largely created to give fans an idea about all the wonderful things game creation and online gaming can lead to. Fortnite has always enabled characters from different gaming worlds to collaborate or interact with each other. In that sense, this has been the perfect game to exemplify what a little bit of imagination can do to the online gaming space.

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