Rumored GTA 6 Actor Could Be Hinting At a Game Reveal

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Bryan Zampella, who is rumored to be one of the voice actors in GTA 6, might have teased a possible reveal of the game.

GTA fans are well aware of the fact there is a long wait ahead for the launch of Grand Theft Auto 6. However, fans had been wishing for a GTA 6 reveal to take place in the near future. With time, the anticipation for the game has become more and more intense and fans are eagerly waiting for Rockstar to share some official information or material pertaining to the game.

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Bryan Zampella, the GTA 6 actor reported to be providing the voice for Jason, is one of the protagonists in GTA 6. Recently, Zampella participated in an Instagram live session with Joseph L Rubino, a developer who was associated with Rockstar till a while back. During the live session, one witnessed Rubino sporting a blue-colored floral shirt that seemed to be very similar to a shirt that Tommy Vercetti, the protagonist of GTA Vice City was seen wearing once.

The live session was attended by several GTA fans who were eager to get some relevant information on GTA 6. During the course of this live session, Rubino briefly spoke about an unannounced title in which the two of them were involved at one point in time. Many fans jumped to the conclusion that GTA 6 was the title Rubino was referring to here.

Rubino also discussed Forza Motorsport during the session. As soon as Zampella heard Forza Motorsport, he cracked a joke about stealing those cars as that’s what people do in the GTA universe. When Zampella further jokes about planning to undertake a mission soon, Rubino replies to it by saying that they should try and meet in Miami soon.

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Towards the beginning of the live session, we see Zampella holding a baseball bat. The discussion that took place between Rubino and Zampella during the Instagram live session made fans believe that a GTA 6 reveal could be just around the corner.

A look at GTA 6 actor Zampella’s LinkedIn profile and you realize that he resigned from Rockstar Games in early 2016 to offer his services as a cinematic director for Assassin’s Creed Odyssey by Ubisoft. This led a lot of fans to state that Zampella left Rockstar before the company started working on GTA 6, so he wouldn’t know much about the game. However, there is a possibility of Rockstar beginning work on GTA 6 by then.

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