GTA 6 Fans Get Information on Multiple IRL Locations Through Leaked Footage

GTA 6 Fans

GTA 6 Fans wanting to see the game set in Vice City can now be a little surer about their wish coming true!

While Rockstar hasn’t shared any confirmation about the setting of the next iteration of the game, GTA 6 fans are quite certain about the fact that the game will be set in Vice City. Vice City, as GTA fans would know, is a fictional city modeled on Miami. Most people who have played the GTA games have been fans of Vice City and are keenly looking forward to it being featured prominently in the next iteration of the franchise.

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In February 2022, Rockstar Games made a formal announcement about developing GTA 6. Prior to that, fans had come across several reports suggesting that Rockstar was working on the next game in the GTA franchise but the gaming studio had remained tight-lipped about it. Therefore, Rockstar sharing a confirmation about the game being in the development phase brought a lot of joy to the fans.

Once Rockstar confirmed the development of GTA 6, fans were expecting it to share updates about the game regularly. However, the gaming studio decided to keep some suspense around the game and refrained from divulging any details about it. While one comes across rumored information about the game almost every day, nothing has been substantiated by Rockstar as yet.

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Last year, some gameplay footage from an early build of the game got leaked on the internet and sent fans into a frenzy. While it has been a while since that leak took place, the material that came to the fore continues to be analyzed by fans and experts.

A Twitter account, which goes by the handle @GTA6VIDEOS, recently went through the leaked gameplay footage and tried to figure out how many locations in GTA 6 will resemble Miami and other real-life cities.

The leaked footage, as per the Twitter user, features several references to Miami. Many locations that are originally in Miami will be seen in the game albeit with a different name. This discovery made by the Twitter user helps substantiate the claims made by leakers about GTA 6 being set in Vice City. GTA: Vice City, launched in the year 2002, was the last game in the franchise which showed the fictional city in all its glory. Fans are, therefore, keenly looking forward to revisiting the city with GTA 6. It is also good news for those who like the vibe of Miami city.

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