GTA 6: Here’s What The PlayStation 5 Framerate Leak Reveals

GTA 6 trailer

As per the reports, PlayStation 5 Pro might be able to give GTA 6 fans the gaming experience they had been craving for when it releases.

Sony is slated to launch the PlayStation 5 Pro very soon. While the entire gaming community is looking forward to its arrival, GTA fans are extremely excited about it as it will be one of the platforms Grand Theft Auto 6 will be available on upon its release. Playing the much-awaited game on a new and advanced console would definitely be a memorable experience for GTA fans.

Till now, Rockstar Games has not specified any release date for GTA 6 but one knows for sure that the game is arriving in 2025. By now, most fans are well-versed with the fact that GTA 6 is readied for a cross-platform release. Upon its release, GTA 6 would be available on both Xbox Series X/S and PlayStation 5. The trailer has made it clear that the game has been mounted on a huge scale and its software specifications might make it difficult for one to launch it on a very old or outdated console.

According to reports, Sony plans to leverage the release of GTA 6 by launching PS5 Pro around the same time. By doing so, Sony also wants to ensure that a large part of GTA 6’s player base plays the game on PlayStation. Though the PS5 Pro has not been launched yet, one has got some information on its specifications. The console is expected to be running on eight-core Zen 2 CPUs, an RDNA 3 GPU operating at 2.8 GHz and 16GB of 18,000 MT/s GDDR6 memory offering a bandwidth of 587 GB/s. With such specifications, one expects the PS5 Pro to deliver a very powerful performance.

A recent rumor about the PS5 Pro suggests that the internal upscaling capabilities of the console could give tough competition to NVIDIA’s DLSS software. As per a report carried by a leading publication, the AI upscaling in PS5 Pro would result in 1440p being produced at 120fps and 4k offered at 60fps.

If the aforementioned information turns out to be true, the PS5 Pro would offer gamers a highly immersive experience, the kind that no other console has managed to offer so far. At 60fps, the PS5 can reach up to 4K. However, it cannot produce such high resolution for all games. According to rumors, GTA 6 could run at 40fps on the PS5 Pro when it is released on the platform.

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