GTA 6 Might Be ‘Unplayable’ For Several Players Upon Its Launch; Here’s Why!

GTA 6 Developer

Gamers across the world are keenly looking forward to the arrival of GTA 6. However, when the game finally releases, many of them might not be able to play it!

Grand Theft Auto 6 has emerged as one of the most talked about games of our times. While there is a long wait ahead for the game, the hype around it has been growing steadily. Whenever the game releases, one is sure about the fact that it will register record-breaking sales and lapped up by every avid gamer almost immediately. However, a recent development suggests that a large number of gamers, based in different parts of the world, will not be able to play the game when it releases.

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While some gaming experts are of the opinion that GTA 6 will get a release in 2024, many believe that one would have to wait till 2025 to play the game. According to gaming insider Tom Henderson, GTA 6 is being designed as a next-gen exclusive by Rockstar Games. What this means is that the game will only be available on platforms like the Xbox Series, PlayStation 5 and PC. If this claim made by Henderson turns out to be true, players who have older consoles will not get the chance to experience the game for some time.

PS5 and the Xbox Series were launched in the year 2020. While there was a lot of craze for these consoles, many players found it difficult to procure them. The manufacturers, however, have gotten better at handling the demands of the gamers.

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When GTA 6 comes out, a lot more people will have access to these consoles. However, there would still be many players who would only have older consoles at their disposal. As long as those consoles are in playable condition, many wouldn’t want to replace them with newer ones.

The lack of accessibility could impact the sales of GTA 6 as well. If Rockstar indeed releases GTA 6 as a next-gen exclusive, it would be interesting to see how it deals with all the challenges associated with it.

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