Most Played Games in GTA 5 Online Casino

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After working non-stop for a day, any player would want to unwind in GTA Online because the world of GTA 5 is ever-expanding and has so much to offer.

There are so many amazing games in Diamond Casino & Resort, the virtual casino where you could play real-life games including Poker, Roulette and Blackjack.

Originally, the casino had this ‘Opening soon’ sign for years which made it difficult for players. They assumed that this place would never open but times have changed. We could finally get inside to experience all the games it has to offer to earn more chips, spend better time inside the casino and team up with other players from all over the world.

Popular Games to Play in Diamond Casino

When participating in any of the games, you should know that the GTA $ you invest in these chips can be multiplied. Whenever you win a game, it can be multiplied and increased so that the money earned can be used to purchase more apartments, airplanes and other luxury investments.

Casino tip: Know when to hold your chips and when to fold them if the particular game isn’t going in your favor.

Start with a Roulette

The easiest game most players enjoy is Roulette because you play a bet and there isn’t much you can do beyond that. It is easy, pure gambling and provides the adrenaline rush anyone would love to have, especially when they start winning. When betting, you can have the expected return at 92.1% which will vary. Spreading available cash into multiple games will help improve the returns.

Three Card Poker

Games that involve a strategy to win has always been a fan favorite in the world of GTA 5 Online casino or any casino for that matter. When playing three card poker, it is up to you to decide whether you want to drop the cards or hold it for a future play. It is advisable to start playing with minimum bets and understand how it works.


The most complicated game of the lot, Blackjack has caught the attention of most GTA players because it will force them to make multiple decisions at once. The better you are at processing information, the stronger are your chances of winning but is subject to the house rules. Whether you want to try a game where skills matter a lot or you need a game that gives you a good chance to unlock online casino bonuses, blackjack is the best choice. The house advantage drops below 1% if you play perfectly.

Wheel of Fortune

This is possibly the most favored game by GTA Online players because there is no need to make any investment to try this out daily. After all, it is completely free, limited to once per day and provides you an opportunity to win huge money, a house or a vehicle based on how lucky you are on a particular day.

How to buy chips?

Head to the cashier in the main lobby, hand your GTA$ and you can buy an equivalent of 1 chip equals to 1 GTA$ with a maximum lock at 20,000 chips that could vary from time to time.

Unlike other games in the Diamond Casino & Resort, Wheel of Fortune is a daily deal that you should check out. An equally profitable game many players love and continue to support is virtual horse racing. There are times when a new patch breaks the casino, allowing players to earn more than they usually do within a limited period.

When playing any game in GTA 5 online casinos, know that the house always wins and you will lose money. It is a mixture of strategy where you can play some strategic games like blackjack and also rely purely on luck when spinning the wheel, hoping to win something big. At the end of the day, it is always about having fun, hanging out with friends and playing some casino games without losing too much of your GTA $ so that you still have money to enjoy, make investments and buy a new car, if you please.

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