The Sims 4 Dark Skin Tone Update is Here, Lots of Bug Fixes and Makeup Sliders too!

The Sims 4 Dark Skin Tone Update

Everyone was or at least hardcore sims fans were aware of the fact that a huge update was expected in the month of December 2020.

The Sims 4 has finally received this massive update which will allow players to go through a series of changes to get the best dark skin tone to represent themselves better. That’s not the only thing as part of the update because the developers at Maxis have rolled out lots of bug fixes combined with new make-up sliders for maximum customization.

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After all, the concept of Sims has always been self-representation where you lead an alternate lifestyle. Because of these factors, new packs like Snowy Escape and Tiny Living continue to impress lots of people as they could enjoy a new life out of their comfort zone. You can literally enjoy going to the snowy peaks, lead a Japanese culture holiday or just cut down on your home’s living style to contribute to the virtual ecosystem.

The Sims 4 Dark Skin Tone Update

Lots of Skins Now to Choose From

For a long time, players consistently complained that they couldn’t get the right skin tone, especially for darker looking people. The developers confirmed a couple of weeks ago that they would roll out an update in December. As promised, the company has rolled out the update in the first week of this month. There are at least a hundred different skin tones and more available including those specific to science fiction or fantasy players. If you are looking forward to showcasing yourself as a character from Star Trek, you can do so.

Long Due Update

When it was originally announced in the month of August, we knew that December is going to be a long wait. Obviously, it took months because everything has to be integrated into the Sims 4 before it can be rolled out to players. Makeup sliders are yet another part of the update which makes it easier for players as they can easily use the slider to change the saturation, hue or brightness to achieve the best look on a particular makeup.

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Lots of women who love to represent themselves with posh and style would love this make-up slider. The full patch notes can be found in the official Sims 4 blog if you are really interested to know more. The team has worked hard to fix lots of bugs but it will be much easier to witness them in-game rather than reading through pages of patch notes.

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