GTA 5 Players Surprised by What They Found in a Casino Bathroom

GTA 5 Diamond casino

Venturing into the world of GTA Online is a surprising and exciting time for any GTA 5 player.

They continue to explore the endless list of street corners, casinos and business venues available online. The search never ends owing to the fact that it is a rather large map and the fact that the developers continue to open up new venues similar to how they opened a casino later down the lane.

Grand Theft Auto V has never been short of excellent action-packed levels. Once you have completed the single player campaign, the next obvious step is to go online and start exploring so many side quests provided by the game developers. Teaming up with other players makes it even more fun and you might even end up making a lot of new friends as you team up to perform heists.

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Rockstar is showing no signs of slowing down as they have geared up to bring the game to the PlayStation 5 console. It will bring in lots of improvements including 4K textures which was unheard of in the old generation consoles. Besides, players would also be able to experience the highest possible frame rates, excellent loading times which are super important in GTA Online and host of other upgrades to make it worth a generational jump.

It is to be noted that originally GTA 5 got launched on the PS3 console and most players of today may not remember this fact. The title has eventually moved from one console to another, transcending through so many different generations at once. With so much to do in this virtual world, it is no wonder players end up finding something new every time they explore the unseen side of GTA Online.

Why are there urinals in the female restroom? from gtaonline

Diamond Casino’s Bathroom Reveal

Diamond Casino is a popular venue where players would become a VIP member and gain access to the lounge. When they managed to gain access and also walk into the female restroom, the player was visibly shocked. In the female rest room, there were so many urinals and obviously the opposite gender don’t have any use for the same.

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It may not be biased but rather the developers simply recreated the same set of designs for both bathrooms. The simple issue is now viral on Reddit but players couldn’t really question with millions of players online in such a large, multiplayer game such as a GTA Online. The developers if they come across this might make changes, we hope!

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