GTA 6 Leak Will Not Affect Its Development Process, Says Take-Two Interactive CEO

GTA 6 concept maps

The recent GTA 6 leak will not slow down the development process of the much-awaited game says Strauss Zelnick, the CEO of Rockstar Games’ parent company Take-Two Interactive.

To those who are unaware, GTA 6 development footage, which had a runtime of close to an hour, was leaked online in the month of September by an anonymous person who claimed to have procured it from an internal Rockstar Slack channel. While some fans were happy to have a look at this development footage, they were also concerned about it causing a delay in the ongoing development process of GTA 6.

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Rockstar Games called the GTA 6 leak unfortunate but confidently asserted that it wouldn’t affect the game’s development process in any manner. It categorically stated that it doesn’t expect this leak to create some long-term issues for the game. According to the gaming publisher, the development timeline of the game will remain the same. Now, Take-Two Interactive, its parent company, has reiterated the same. Take-Two made this important statement during its second-quarter earnings call that was conducted on Monday.

According to Zelnick, there is no evidence that points toward any important material assets being stolen or used in an unauthorized manner. While the leak will not likely cause any hindrances in GTA 6’s development process, it has definitely made the team carry out certain measures to ensure the security of the game doesn’t get compromised again. Zelnick has stated that important steps have been taken to tighten cybersecurity around the game.

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The aforementioned leaked footage featured open-world gameplay belonging to an alpha build of GTA 6. It also seemed to confirm the fact that the next iteration in the GTA series will be set in Vice City.

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