GTA 6: Rockstar Insider Claims Community Update Will Pave The Way For Game Reveal


For a very long time, Grand Theft Auto 6 has remained one of the most anticipated games in today’s times.

While many of the upcoming games are being keenly awaited by gamers, very few games can match the anticipation GTA 6 carries. Recently, a major hack showed some footage pertaining to the game. After announcing the game in February this year, Rockstar Games went quiet about it. However, the constant barrage of rumors, leaks and unverified reports has ensured the game remains in the news and the hype surrounding it never dies down.

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There has been a lot of chatter about the game being revealed soon, but no such thing has happened as yet. Interestingly, Rockstar Games has not even confirmed the final title for the game even as the media and fans have been referring to it as Grand Theft Auto 6. Once the reveal happens, one would also get clarity on its final title. It will also be the first major update shared by Rockstar Games after the official confirmation about the game being developed.

A recently made claim by GTA insider Tez2 has offered some hope to fans. As per the insider, the day, when Rockstar will officially reveal GTA 6, is not too far. In a post shared on GTAForums, the insider participated in discussions pertaining to the latest GTA Online Update, GTA+ event and Heist Challenge. According to the leaker, Rockstar will make an important announcement about the game via a ‘community update’.

Tez2 had made predictions about a GTA 6 reveal multiple times in the past. Though his predictions didn’t turn out to be accurate, fans still have their hopes pinned on him as many of his other claims about GTA 6 turned out to be true.

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