GTA 6: Leaked Footage Hints At The Inclusion of New Co-Op Story

Grand Theft Auto 6

As Rockstar Games continues to work on the development process of GTA 6, information about new features being added to the game continues to come to the fore.

There are several reasons why the anticipation around Grand Theft Auto 6 has become bigger and bigger with time. While the GTA series has been one of the most successful gaming franchises of all time, the kind of approach Rockstar Games has taken for GTA 6 has played a very important role in increasing the excitement around it.

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After confirming the fact that the next game in the GT franchise is being developed, Rockstar largely remained silent on it. Despite numerous leaks and rumors being circulated on a regular basis, Rockstar remained firm on its decision to stay quiet on the game. Because of this, fans continue to be extremely curious about the game and anxiously wait for Rockstar to share some relevant information or updates about it.

Gameplay footage from the game, which got leaked recently, has given fans a lot of material to go through and set their expectations based on it. In the leaked footage, a Reddit user stumbled upon an online co-op feature. If their observation turns out to be accurate and the developers stick to their current plans, then players would get to witness a co-op feature in the game for the very first time.

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In the gameplay footage, one could see Lucia and Jason, who are touted to be the lead protagonists in GTA 6. In the footage, the movement exhibited by Lucia does not seem to be regulated by AI. It appeared to one that she was being controlled by another player. Because of this, a lot of fans are now of the firm belief that GTA 6 would feature a co-op mode.

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