Roblox Announces Major Changes for its Ad Rules, Users Under 13 Have Some Restrictions


Roblox is a popular multiplayer sandbox game that is now bringing some major changes to its advertising policy.

Players are often not just 13-year-olds but there are so many young gamers who are below the permitted age for whom they are bringing in new restrictions. The concept is to make it a safer place for the young ones to be and enjoy gaming with their friends.

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Creating a sandbox community that is safe for such young kids is no easy task. The only saving grace is that Roblox has never been a favorite among grown teenage kids as they often move on to titles like Fortnite among others. According to the updated community standards, advertisements will no longer be displayed for young kids aged under 13 so as to make it safer for them to play. When displaying advertisements, it is quite difficult for the game developer to filter such ads for profanity, content and other aspects which is why they are banning it together for those under 13.

Owing to Complaints

The game developers are always responsible for keeping things under control in the community. Truth in Advertising recently registered a complaint claiming that Roblox has been misguiding young people into purchasing items and products that were not originally meant for them. Besides, the complaint further added that they are hawking kids who are not capable of making a decision of their own, during their gaming time.

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Multiple allegations like “digital deception”, “hawking” and “prohibited advertising” were made against the firm. A slew of content including NFTs and cryptocurrencies were also displayed during the ads including online dating service which hardly makes sense for a kid aged 13 or less. While it doesn’t sync even for teenagers, they can’t close ads altogether for all age groups which is why it is being implemented only for below 13. Ads designed to sell insect body parts, fortune tellers and funeral services are also banned as a whole which should help bring things under control.

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