GTA 6 Leaks Go Off The Internet Due to Copyright Strikes

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The copyright strikes carried out by Take Two Interactive have resulted in GTA 6 leaks being taken off the internet and a bunch of communities banning such content permanently.

The presence of leaked material pertaining to Grand Theft Auto 6 was not something that Rockstar Games and its parent company Take Two Interactive were happy about. Now, by carrying out copyright strikes, Take Two Interactive has managed to get most of the leaked material taken off the internet.

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The aforementioned leak got Rockstar Games alarmed immediately. The gaming publisher reached out to cyber cell authorities to look into this matter. During the investigation, a UK-based 17-year-old teenager was arrested as well. Since then, several GTA 6 leaks have been reported in the digital space, giving the publisher a lot of reasons to be concerned about.

A GTAForumscommunity member, on September 18, shared 50-minute-long video content that seemed to have been recorded from a version of GTA 6 that was under development. The leaked material featured a lot of important information about GTA 6. In the last few months, Take-Two Interactive has made a conscious effort to get all the leaked material pertaining to the game removed from the internet.

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Since a large volume of GTA 6 content had gotten leaked, copyright strikes were not proving to be effective enough to remove everything that was out there. A large number of people continued to share the leaked material without any action taken against them. The GTA6 subreddit was one of the online communities where leaked material was shared extensively. The GTA6 subreddit moderators recently shared an announcement that made fans aware of the fact that the community was being locked down because of copyright strikes.

Update Regarding Posting Leaks
by u/GTA6Mods in GTA6

The GTA 6 community has categorically stated that GTA 6 leaks will not be allowed to be shared on such platforms in the future. Reddit has also issued a threat to freeze the community for good if these kinds of issues continue to crop up in the future. It is quite evident that Reddit is quite distressed by the takedown notices Rockstar is issuing regularly.

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