New GTA 6 Leak Spills The Beans on Major Cities and Towns In The Game


The recent GTA 6 leak should make all those fans happy who had been waiting anxiously to get some information on the locations in the game.

In 2022, one came across a major GTA 6 leak which left the gaming world in a state of frenzy. Through this leak, a plethora of files and media content came to the fore. As per media reports, the game’s build was a part of the leak. It was a pre-alpha build which, according to the reports, gave a glimpse into the structure of the game.

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While the leaks offered substantial information about the game, it is a little difficult to set one’s expectations based on the material that came out of it. At the moment, the game is an unfinished product. Some of the ideas the team is working on developing right now might be debunked later. The final build of the game, therefore, could be very different from its pre-alpha build. Having said that, this leak brought a lot of cheer for those who were upset about not getting any significant information about GTA 6 for a long time.

It took a while for the media and observers in the gaming industry to compile the leaked files and make some sense out of them. The files, which are being discussed right now, offer some information about the different cities and towns where the game would be set in. If take special locations out of the equation, the files feature a total of 11 locations. These locations are LO, Port Gellhorn, Domed Hills, Ekanfinika, Ambrosia, Cooperhead, Hamlet, Redhill, Lake Leonida, Yorktown and Sundown.

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The special locations, too, are worthy of being mentioned. Apart from strip malls, there is a beach plaza and a forest. There are also drag strips which point at the possibility of drag racing being included in the game.

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