GTA 6 Leaks: No Adverse Effect On Business, Says Take-Two CEO

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While GTA 6 leaks have been coming to the fore regularly, Take-Two Interactive CEO states that it hasn’t created any impact on the company.

The current quarter didn’t prove to be hugely beneficial for Take-Two Interactive, the parent company of Rockstar Games.

Its overall earnings were less than what the company leaders had expected them to be. Because of this, the company is taking some steps to bring down its cost of operations and carry out some other measures to ensure the company becomes stable again.

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Some gaming experts are of the opinion that the large number of leaks related to Grand Theft Auto 6 is partly responsible for this. Early last year, Rockstar confirmed that the next iteration in the GTA franchise was in the works. Even before this announcement came through, leakers were coming up with some information or update pertaining to GTA 6 on a regular basis. After the announcement, leakers and insiders went on an overdrive and one stumbled upon a new GTA 6 news almost every day.

As per gaming experts, fans being bombarded with excessive information about GTA 6 in the last year hasn’t worked well for the company. They also believe that Rockstar staying silent on these rumors also worked against it.

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Strauss Zelnick, who serves as the CEO of Rockstar’s parent company Take-Two Interactive has now categorically stated that the leaks have had no impact on the business or sales of the company. After the earnings release of Take-Two Interactive, which took place recently, Zelnick spoke to IGN and discussed this issue. While he doesn’t believe the leaks to have impacted Rockstar’s sales, he stated that it was an ‘emotional matter’.

Zelnick’s statement gives one the impression that Take-Two is not too pleased with so much information being circulated around GTA 6 all the time. His statement also hinted towards the morale of the developers taking a hit because of these leaks.

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