GTA 6: Rockstar Games Insider States That The Next RAGE Engine Will Be Extraordinary

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As per a reliable insider, the upcoming RAGE engine will impress players with its advanced functionality.

Rockstar Games has been using the RAGE engine to power several of its games over the last many years.

One of the most popular games that this engine has been driven by happens to be Red Dead Redemption 2. RAGE, for the uninitiated, is an abbreviated form of Rockstar Advanced Game Engine. Now, fans are looking forward to it launching the RAGE 9 engine.

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Some reports, which emerged in the past, pointed towards the gaming publisher opting for Unreal Engine 5 for some of its upcoming titles. None of these reports, however, had much of credibility. What’s interesting is that fans have taken the leaks, suggesting the arrival of a ‘very advanced’ RAGE engine quite seriously. This is not really surprising as the leaked videos were quite impressive.

While the tweet is in English, you understand what it means when you translate it. As per the leaker, some tooling test material have been received for RAGE 9. He further stated that this material gives one a fair idea of what one should expect from the engine. While Mattheus has spoken very highly about this engine, there is no screenshot or video that serves as solid proof of their claim. At the moment, it is difficult to ascertain how accurate these leaks are.

Mattheus, in another tweet, stated that they will not ‘show’ anything pertaining to the aforementioned material because of ‘security reasons’. He did confirm that this engine will be a major ‘leap in quality’ for the gaming publisher.

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While many fans have gotten excited by the claims made by Mattheus, some continue to be skeptical about them as he hasn’t provided any proof or evidence to substantiate these claims. At the moment, all one can do is wait for Rockstar Games to share an update about this.

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