GTA 6 Leaks Suggest That the Game Would Bring Back San Andreas Missions

San Andreas

Fans of GTA: San Andreas might just have a strong reason to check out GTA 6!

So far, whatever information fans have received about Grand Theft Auto 6 has been through leaks. While Rockstar Games has largely remained silent about the much-awaited game, the leaks have enabled fans to create an idea about the game in their head. All the rumored reports and information that have come to the fore so far have led to fans designing their expectations around the game. Saying that fans expect GTA 6 to be one of the best games of all time would be an understatement.

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Till now, one has come across a plethora of unconfirmed information on GTA 6. Apart from creating excitement among fans, unverified news could, at times, end up confusing fans. Leaks have pointed towards the legendary GTA: San Andreas missions making a comeback to the GTA franchise with GTA 6.

It is important to note here that these are not recent leaks. These are, in fact, a result of a recent analysis of leaks that have surfaced in the past. A Reddit user, who identifies themselves as vaspinbreak1, recently said that their summations are talking about GTA 6 elements they were intrigued by but the ones that are not spoken about much. They also stated that trucking missions, which were originally a part of GTA: San Andreas, might be back in the GTA universe as the leaked map images feature a truck icon.

The trucking missions comprised a total of eight missions and were considered to be one of the standout features in GTA: San Andreas. While completing these missions was not an easy task, a reward of $2,000 was given out to those who managed to do so. Even if you didn’t know how to drive in real-life, being a skilled or experienced in-game driver would have helped you get an edge in these missions.

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GTA: San Andreas has often been regarded as one of the best games in the GTA franchise and these trucking missions played an important role in enhancing their popularity. These missions coming back in GTA 6, therefore, is big news for all GTA fans.

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