GTA 6 Map: Former Rockstar Games Developer Wants Game Map To Be Compact

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Unlike many gaming experts, Tony Gowland does not want Rockstar Games to amplify everything with the upcoming game, especially the GTA 6 map.

In February 2022, Rockstar Games made an official confirmation that Grand Theft Auto 6 being in the development process. After confirming this, Rockstar has mostly remained silent about the game. Despite the infamous September 2022 leaks and other rumored information coming to the fore, there is very little fans know about the game. This has led to them setting their own expectations around all that it will offer.

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There is a section of fans that believes that GTA 6 should have a larger-than-life appeal and feature the kind of elements that one has not come across in any of the GTA games in the past. A recently conducted interview, however, has stated that a former developer of Rockstar Games believes that the gaming studio should take a minimalistic approach while putting it together.

Tony Gowland was associated with Rockstar a while back and had contributed significantly to the development process of Liberty City Stories, Vice City Stories, the original Red Dead Redemption and Chinatown Wars. Gowland currently offers his expertise as a gaming developer to Ant Workshop.

While giving an interview recently, the developer said that a “smaller but more densely packed location” could help in getting back some of the navigation that one associated with the original. The former Rockstar developer also addressed the issue of material from GTA 6 getting leaked and stated that it must have been a hurtful experience for the team.

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Gowland’s recommendation might not sit down well with a section of the fans but it would definitely register with many fans who, too, had been wanting Rockstar to be a little less showy with the GTA games. Since Gowland has worked with Rockstar in the past, one also expects him to have some ideas in his mind about the direction in which the franchise could move ahead.

With every game in the GTA franchise, Rockstar had tried to push the envelope and create the kind of locations that had scale and grandeur. It would be interesting to see the gaming studio take a different approach with GTA 6. If not anything, it would bring a sense of freshness and novelty to the franchise. And let’s how the GTA 6 map is not too large.

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