GTA 6 Map Expected To Be Thrice As Big As GTA 5 Map

GTA 6 Map

The GTA 6 map, as per the mapping project, will feature multiple cities and will be bigger than any map one has come across in the franchise so far!

Rockstar Games, after launching the official trailer of Grand Theft Auto 6 in December last year, stated that the game would be out sometime in 2025. After the launch of the trailer, the discussions around the game have intensified further. Fans have been talking about several aspects related to the game. One of the things that everybody is very keen to know about is the kind of locations GTA 6 will feature and how big will be the GTA 6 map.

The GTA 6 mapping project has given fans some idea about the map that will feature in the game. According to a recent update, the land area that one will get to see in GTA 6 will be much bigger than the size of the land area featured in games released as a part of the franchise in the past.

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The mapping project, as fans would be aware, is an initiative undertaken by some fans who are trying to create a map, or at least a part of it, with the help of all the information that has come to the fore in the form of rumors and leaks. Fans have also closely observed the trailer to derive some information from it that would help one in putting together the map.

Fans have come up with multiple iterations of the GTA VI map so far. The latest iteration, which has been titled version 0.054, features an area spawning 125 square kilometers. Based on this iteration, one can assume that the map featuring in GTA 6 will be much bigger than the one which was a part of GTA 5.

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While one continues to wait for Rockstar Games to unveil the GTA 6 map, the gaming studio has dropped hints about the game featuring the biggest map in the franchise so far. There have also been a lot of speculation around the game featuring multiple cities. At the moment, the only thing we can say with surety is that Vice City will feature in the game.

Some of the leaks and rumors have indicated the possibility of locations like Yorktown and Port Gellhorn featuring in the game but nothing has been confirmed on that front as yet. Since there is a lot of time for GTA 6 to come out, one expects a second trailer to drop sometime in the near future. If another trailer comes out, one will get a little more clarity about the GTA 6 map.

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