New-Generation GTA 4 Remaster Is Up For Download

gta 4 remaster

With the help of Unreal Engine 5, a YouTuber has created a remastered version of GTA 4!

Grand Theft Auto 4 was launched by Rockstar Games in the year 2008. The game, which was developed by Rockstar North, was the sixth game in the GTA franchise. Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, which was the GTA game preceding it, had emerged as a huge success, and therefore, fans had huge expectations from GTA 4 as well.

GTA 4 lived up to the expectations fans had of it and became the most successful GTA game at that time. The game traced the journey of Niko Bellic as he tries to get rid of the ghosts of his past. Apart from its immersive narrative, GTA 4 received a lot of appreciation for its open-world design. Set in Liberty City, which was modeled on New York, the game became a massive success and encouraged Rockstar Games to develop more games as a part of the franchise.

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It has been several years since GTA 4 was launched. While the game remains relevant in a lot of ways today, many are of the opinion that a lot of elements in it need to be upgraded. Though most of Rockstar Games’ energies are channelized towards developing GTA 6, fans have been hoping for it to work on and release a GTA 4 remaster.

Though Rockstar has not said anything about the possibility of developing a GTA 4 remaster, fans have come up with several ideas for it. With the help of Unreal Engine 5, many fans have tried to give an idea about how a remastered version of GTA 4 could look like and the way it would play out on consoles. Recently, a digital creator put together a 3K map remaster which came equipped with ray tracing.

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Through their creativity and innovative ideas, YouTuber Digital Dreams has reignited the discussions around GTA 4. By making some alterations to the graphical design of the game, the YouTuber has shown how the game would have looked like if it had been released today.

Through a video uploaded on their channel, the YouTuber has made GTA 4 fans extremely happy. It has also given them some hope about the gaming studio deciding to put together a GTA 4 remaster sometime in the future. The video shows the primary character driving, walking and moving around Liberty City. Going by the comments on the video, fans are quite happy with the YouTuber’s vision.

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