GTA 6 Map Might Have Been Teased In The Official GTA 6 Wallpaper

GTA 6 wallpaper

An X user spotted something in the official GTA 6 wallpaper which, they believe, is a GTA 6 map.

After the unveiling of the official trailer of Grand Theft Auto 6, there have been a lot of discussions and speculations about the map in the game. While Rockstar Games has not shared any information or update about the map, the official GTA 6 wallpaper might have just teased fans about it.

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After the launch of the trailer, fans were treated with an official artwork featuring the two protagonists in the game. In the same artwork, a map was seen. This led to a lot of people believing that this is a map that belongs to GTA 6.

This particular map, interestingly, is very different from the one that seemed to have leaked a while ago. While fans have been quite excited to see the new map, there is no surety of the fact that it is actually a map of GTA 6.

GTA wallpaper

The official GTA 6 wallpaper, released by Rockstar Games, comes across as an ordinary wallpaper when you see it for the first time. However, some fans felt it has some interesting elements that one can only discover when one looks at it closely. An X user, who identifies themselves as @PainkillerH20, seemed to have discovered the map after zooming in on the wallpaper.

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As stated earlier, Rockstar has not commented on these speculations yet. However, Rockstar has had a long-standing tradition of dropping hints or clues about their games in properties they release. While the image is not very clear, you can see a few islands when you look at it closely. Later, @PainkillerH20 uploaded a few upscaled images that offered one a better view of the map.

The layout features a distinctive shot from the trailer of GTA 6 that had the game’s representation of the Venetian Islands in Miami. However, this is not enough to prove that this is a map designed for GTA 6.

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