GTA 6 Mapping Community Offers A Glimpse Into New Vice City’s Scale

GTA 6 Map

Though Rockstar Games has not confirmed anything, fans are intrigued by the scope and vastness of the GTA 6 map.

One of the things fans are excited to know about is the map that will feature in GTA 6.  Though Rockstar has not unveiled the game, the GTA 6 mapping community has been working relentlessly towards putting together a map for the game.

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Last month, Rockstar Games officially unveiled the first trailer of GTA 6. Ever since the trailer came out, the excitement around the game has become stronger than ever. While the trailer has generated a lot of curiosity, Rockstar has refrained from sharing any other update or material pertaining to the game.

An X user, who identifies themselves as GameRoll, recently shared an image that offered a glimpse into the new Vice City map. Apart from comparing this portion of the map to the way Los Santos and Liberty City have been designed, the X user claimed that the Vice City map will be much more elaborate than the HD Universe maps.

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The gaming community seems to have embarked upon the task of putting together the map after the infamous leaks that took place in September 2022. The leaks, which offered a glimpse into an early build of the game, might have helped the gaming community in bringing different elements to put together this map. While fans are quite impressed by the scale of Vice City as exhibited in this map, one cannot be sure about its authenticity till the time Rockstar releases something from its end officially.

In the map shared by GameRoll, one can see three different portions of land. According to the claims made by GameRoll, the long portion that one can see on the right is South Beach, which is expected to feature prominently in the original map. On the left, as stated by the user, there is a landmass that should be identified as the island of Algonquin. In the background, one can see a distorted map of Los Santos County from GTA 5.

The mapping community thinks that South Beach will serve as a minor component in the State of Leonida. A popular data miner and leaker, who identifies themselves as Detective, has shared another image and stated that GTA 6 will feature a good amount of landmass to the east, north and southwest. The GTA 6 mapping community firmly believes that the map will be bigger than the maps featured in all the GTA games released so far.

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