GTA 6 Fans Make Predictions About Important Updates

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Though Rockstar Games has not divulged any dates for the upcoming game, GTA 6 fans have come up with their own predictions!

When Rockstar Games launched the first trailer of Grand Theft Auto 6 last month, it created a lot of frenzy amongst GTA fans. While most of them appreciated the trailer and all that it offered, they also started wondering when the next trailer would be released by the gaming studio. Needless to say, GTA 6 fans and the entire gaming community are also eager to know when the game will be launched.

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After confirming that it is working on the next iteration in the GTA franchise, Rockstar Games remained tight-lipped about the game. While that did not stop unverified information and rumors from floating around, Rockstar stayed firm on its decision of not sharing any updates about GTA 6. While the infamous September 2022 leaks came as a shocker to the studio, it maintained its composure and decided to stay quiet about the game.

After the launch of the first trailer, the discussions around GTA 6 have become much more intense. While one knows that there is some time for GTA 6 to come out, fans are eager to know when the second trailer of the game will be out. Fans have been going through the timelines followed by Rockstar in the past, analyzing them and trying to make predictions about when the gaming studio will be releasing the second trailer and rolling out other material related to the game.

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Since GTA 6 will not be releasing in the near future, there is a good possibility of Rockstar releasing multiple trailers for the game to further build anticipation around it. As per the prediction made by a fan, the next trailer for GTA 6 will come out in the month of April this year. The game, according to the fan, will get a full-fledged launch in February 2025.

The X user posted a series of tweets on the micro-blogging site and shared the various predictions they had come up with for GTA 6. These tweets have garnered the attention of a large number of social media users, gaming enthusiasts and GTA fans.

According to the X user, the second trailer of GTA 6 will be launched on April 19, 2024. A third trailer, as per the user, will be out on August 22 this year. On PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S, according to their prediction, the game will drop on February 7. According to the user, the official trailer for GTA 6 Online will be out on March 14. The game, as per the user, will be launched on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S on April 11.

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