The Elder Scrolls Online 2024 Expansion: When Can Fans Expect It?

The Elder Scrolls Online 2024 expansion

The studio, which has a lot riding on the expansion, is getting ready to unveil it in front of fans in a grand manner!

While fans are keenly looking forward to the Elder Scrolls Online 2024 expansion, it is very important for ZeniMax Online Studios as well. This is primarily because it will celebrate the tenth anniversary of the title. Every expansion has played an important role in expanding the universe the game is set in. The developers rolled out a highly successful expansion last year and now, they have plans to offer something more special to fans.

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Whatever plans the gaming studio has for the next expansion of the title shall be revealed during the Global Reveal live stream. During the live stream, the studio will also share the kind of plans and ideas it has for its upcoming DLCs.

All the important updates about The Elder Scrolls Online 2024 expansion shall be shared with the world during the aforementioned livestream. This particular event shall be broadcast after the conclusion of the Xbox Developer Direct which is scheduled to take place on January 18, 2024.

This livestream will be special for multiple reasons. Apart from The Elder Scrolls Online 2024 expansion being unveiled, the livestream will also give fans an idea about the developer roadmap for this year. Along with important updates about upcoming DLCs being shared, this event will also witness glimpses of new battle content being put out there.

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The official Twitch channel of Bethesda will serve as the platform for the Global Reveal live stream. Those who watch this show shall be rewarded with a new Pyromancer’s Quandary emote via Twitch Drops. Players, however, are required to get their ESO account linked to Twitch to get the emote in-game.

To link their ESO account to Twitch, a player has to follow a bunch of simple steps. After visiting the official website, the player can log into their ESO account. After this, they have to click on Linked Accounts found on the left side. These accounts can be seen in the Account panel. From the Linked Accounts Menu, a player has to select Twitch. Once they do this, a Twitch window will pop up. After the player logs in to their Twitch account, they will receive a prompt for getting their ESO account authorized.

When the Global Reveal live stream happens, fans can also expect an announcement about a new zone being made. This new zone is expected to have a strong connection with the narrative of the Necrom expansion. While this expansion will take the storyline ahead, there is a good chance of it introducing players to a new gameplay system or class.

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