GTA 6 May Take Time, Grand Theft Auto Trilogy Remake On the Cards

GTA vice city

While GTA 6 is still a huge next gen game waiting for its update, Grand Theft Auto trilogy is rumored to be in the making.

When Sony’s PlayStation 5 console is about to receive a whole lot of remastered games like Spiderman and we have Crysis remade for PC gamers, it wouldn’t be so surprising to know Rockstar wants to bring their old games back to life.

Millions of fans are looking forward to play Grand Theft Auto 6 as soon as it gets launched on the next generation PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X consoles. However, you might probably have to wait more for the announcement and be happy with Vice City or San Andreas for now. Rockstar employees are frantically working on some titles and going by the plural form of this claim as well as many other rumors, it looks like a trilogy remaster is being made. In theory, this should be the 4K versions of old but exciting titles like Vice City, San Andreas and GTA III from the Grand Theft Auto universe they have meticulously built over the years.

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All these three titles originally got released way back in the past, during the Xbox and PlayStation 2 times. New generation gamers who love Fortnite and other battle royale titles may not have any clue on how these single player campaigns would work. Besides, the games also have plenty of polygons and look dated but it has already been remastered for Android devices in the recent past.  A similar and better remaster is expected for PC and consoles of current generation if this trilogy rumor becomes true.

GTA vice city

Picture Clues

We have attached a couple of picture clues that showcases numbers of the games and their release dates. Besides,these are shark cards but the first three numbers on those cards indicate 2013 which is when GTA 5 got launched. 2001, 2002 and 2004 respectively stands for the years when the games in the trilogy pack got released.  Based on these cards and the information provided by random members in a forum, it has been nearly confirmed that a huge trilogy remaster is in the works.


Besides, the gaming industry is more interested in bringing successful titles back to life than making entirely new ones. It seems to be an easier bet and people filled with nostalgia often buy them even though they may not play it as much as they would spend time on a newer game designed for the Xbox Series X or the PlayStation 5 consoles, provided you could actually buy these in your own region.

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