GTA 6 Will Have Major Upgrade, NPCs Will Be Far More Responsive


The newbies of today or someone entirely new to gaming may not know how annoying NPCs could be.

The non-playable character is the background people whom you would see in GTA 6 or any other game for that matter who wouldn’t really interact, be sensible or someone to contribute to the overall storyline.

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Instead, they would simply be banging their truck into a wall or keep bumping into you when you walk on the pavement of the road. Rockstar, the developers of GTA VI worked hard to make them different. They already showed significant improvement in the title Red Dead Redemption 2 where NPC characters reacted much better than any other game released in the past few years. Similarly, the developers achieved a major feat with L.A. Noire, an investigative game about interacting with different random people and witnesses.

Bringing in the AI Needed for NPCs

Sharing their work on the upcoming Grand Theft Auto game, David Hynd and AI programmer Simon Parr had some interesting information to share. The city which will obviously be big will also have hundreds of driving vehicles around from whom you would usually steal the vehicles. Compared to the previous releases, the upcoming will have specific driver profiles that will determine how these players react to the environmental changes. They will also have unique driver profiles so that the entire traffic doesn’t seem mundane and repetitive. It should possibly add a whole new flavor to the title.

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Driver NPCs in GTA 6 will be encouraged to act according to their node which in other words means they react specifically to a zone. Instead of trying to make them all react to the entire map, those around you will react as you pass by, a heist is in progress or braking when there is an obstacle in front of them. The idea is to make the time spent on the road much more realistic than it was in the previous games.


Rockstar further claims that the new GTA will have virtual navigation and management of objects which will further contribute to the multiplayer aspect of the title. GTA 5 and RDR Online are going really strong for many years now that bringing it once again makes a lot of sense to the new title.  While we still have no idea when GTA VI could be announced, it is expected to be launched possibly in 2022 or even later based on how huge the game is that needs more development time.

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