The Elder Scrolls Online: Blackwood Release Date Announced, Prequel to Oblivion

The Elder Scrolls Online is the best version of the game that you could opt for right now before TES6 officially gets announced.

The online version named Blackwood is a prequel to Oblivion and it is not only a great way to get into the universe again but also offers thirty hours of the story for people who love single-player storylines.

The event of the Elder Scrolls Online: Blackwood will be an interesting addition to the storyline because it follows the stories that happen before Oblivion takes place. The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion will be available on both Windows PC and the consoles of today. While we have limited information about how the story is, the video game trailer revealed on YouTube provides us enough content to keep the intensity strong and curious until it gets launched.

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For gamers who are really looking forward to playing it, you should probably wait half a year because the game is scheduled for launch on the 1st of June on PC. A surprising piece of information is those console gamers may not have to wait long to get their hands on the title. The Blackwood expansion trailer is scheduled for launch on the 8th of June on major consoles, which we presume the Xbox One and PlayStation 4. Even if they get launched on the PS5 and Xbox Series X, they will run on 60 FPS but the graphical fidelity should be limited as it is supposed to run on multiple platforms.

Elder Scrolls Online

Introducing the Portals of Oblivion

Oblivion Portal World events will be yet another quality of life features that players could look forward to when they purchase the title. The companion app system even though not detailed we can assume that will work on both iOS and Android platforms. Players will be able to find new friends, customize their NPCs and also find recruited AI players to help them in their quests.

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Blackwood obviously will be one of the maps where players could explore while Leyawiin will be another location that will be open for exploration. The Blackwood narrative will be the first of many so that players could know more about the storyline on Flames of Ambition DLC. These expansion packs will launch earlier on March 8th on PC, Mac as well as Stadia. On March 16th, it will be launched on Xbox and PlayStation. With so many storylines related to The Elder Scrolls coming up, it is super exciting to know that TES6 is definitely on the way soon.

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