GTA 6 Will Finally Be PC, Adding Female Lead along with Other Characters

GTA 6 concept maps

Being politically correct is the undefined order in the modern world where women, children, LGBT and everyone else should be given equal preference.

While the Sims 4 was clobbered for not having enough dark skin tones which they added later, GTA 6 and all other older games like GTA 5 had a male protagonist as the lead.

The game was always considered to be so violent and alpha male-like that the developers believed women are not going to actually play this game. But, it is time to break long-standing assumptions because even for the few girl gamers who love violence and the kind of game Grand Theft Auto is, this is a welcome addition. It will allow them to be better represented on how female gamers see themselves inside a story and not be forced to play a man even though they are not one by birth.

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While it is not confirmed whether you will be choosing a male or female avatar as you do in Cyberpunk 2077, there could be multiple characters floating around. The most prominent thing that made GTA 5 so engaging is that players could experience the storyline from multiple perspectives. You get to play in different locations, enjoy the character design and GTA VI would definitely follow the same style as it makes any title far more addictive than just having one lead to follow.

Revealed on Twitter

A person named Tom Henderson kind of confirmed the information that the new game from Rockstar will feature a female protagonist as the main lead. Based on how the company handles storytelling, we could strongly claim that they wouldn’t just give an option to choose your gender. It doesn’t add anything to the storyline if it is gender-neutral but rather making players also play in the shoes of a woman would enhance the overall experience anyone would get.

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Besides, irrespective of their gender both male and female players will get to experience the story from multiple perspectives which is what any GTA game is all about including the upcoming GTA 6. The game is under development for a very long time now and despite such a delay without any rumors to dwell on, it should definitely be worth the wait. After all, we have much more powerful graphics cards and the latest generation of consoles PS5 and Xbox Series X would allow the game to run at 4K with the highest possible graphic settings.

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