GTA 6 Might Not Be Launched on PC: Here’s What You Need to Know!

GTA 6 PC Annoncement

If you are one of those who had been expecting to play GTA 6 on PC, here’s some bad news for you!

Recently, Rockstar Games confirmed that GTA 6 will be launched on Xbox Series X/S and PlayStation 5 next year. The gaming studio, however, has not said anything about a PC release. A large chunk of GTA fans are those who play the games on PC. The game not releasing on PC, therefore, would result in a large section of GTA fans not getting the opportunity to play it.

In December 2023, the first official trailer of Grand Theft Auto 6 was unveiled. While fans were already excited about the game, the trailer left them feeling even more excited. The 1-minute and 13-second long trailer was filled with striking visuals and gave fans an idea about the world in which the game is set in. The trailer made it clear that GTA 6 is being mounted on a huge scale and Rockstar Games is leaving no stone unturned to ensure that it offers an immersive experience to players.

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For a while, there have been discussions around the platforms on which GTA 6 will be launched. Initially, one believed that the game would get a launch on all leading platforms as it would be one of the biggest gaming titles to be released in years. However, with time, one came across reports stating that the game might not get the widest release.

Might Be Released Later

Though Rockstar Games has not shared any important details as yet, one could assume a few things based on how things are developing at the moment. There is a strong possibility of GTA 6 not getting a launch upon its release. It could release on PC but that could take a while to happen.

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The aforementioned developments have resulted in industry experts coming up with their own theories behind the probable delay in the release of GTA 6 on PC. The theories they have come up with offer one some idea about why Rockstar could have taken such a step.

Several industry experts are of the opinion that Rockstar wants to ensure a smooth and comfortable launch for GTA 6 on new-generation consoles. Since optimizing the game for consoles like the Xbox Series X/S and PS5 would take time, a delay in releasing the PC version could happen.

Some experts believe that Rockstar delaying the PC version is a result of the complex hardware variations and requirements associated with the PC. To make sure the PC version of a game works smoothly across different hardware setups and machines, one should be ready to invest a lot of time in development processes.

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