GTA 6 Teaser: Rockstar Games Might Have Dropped a Hint About GTA 6 In a New GTA 5 Update


Rockstar Games not sharing any updates about GTA 6 has led to fans coming up with several theories on their own.

Rockstar Games has assured fans that Grand Theft Auto 6 will come out sometime in 2025. However, we still don’t know when. What one does know is the gaming studio is working extremely hard towards developing the game and ensuring the game lives up to the expectations GTA fans have from it. After the launch of the first GTA 6 trailer in December last year, fans are even more excited to know all that the game will offer.

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Before a major title comes out, the gaming studio also feels nervous about how it would be received by fans and the gaming community. At the moment, one feels Rockstar is trying to test some of the features in GTA 6 through updates rolled out for GTA 5. Fans have several questions and concerns pertaining to GTA 6 owing to an important feature being put behind paywall in GTA Online.

There seems to be a thread connecting GTA 6 and GTA Online. That, in turn, has led to many fans arriving at the conclusion that GTA 6 teasers are placed in different GTA 5 updates. A Redditor, who identifies themselves as salty-warden-_21, posed a question, “ “New GTA V update could be testing mechanics for GTA VI roleplaying?”.

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The user put across a proof in the form of a screenshot featuring the new bounty hunting dispatch work that has been included in the game. With the help of this, fans weaved a narrative around the next instalment and the results were highly amusing, to say the least.

Another user shared a post stating that Lucia and Jason, the protagonists in GTA 6, feel disgusted by the things they see around them and end up becoming a part of the police force. While some of the things shared by fans are hilarious, it is interesting to see them come up with such interesting theories. When GTA 6 releases, it would be fun to find out whether any of these fan theories turn out to be true.

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