GTA 6 PC Announcement: Take-Two Interactive Drops A Hint

GTA 6 PC Annoncement

Those who were disappointed thinking a GTA 6 PC announcement would never happen have a reason to rejoice.

GTA games have always been received well on PC. In February 2022, Rockstar Games made a formal announcement about Grand Theft Auto 6 being in the development process. Ever since the formal announcement came through, everybody, including PC players, started wondering as to when the game will get an official release. PC players had been waiting for a GTA 6 PC announcement for a while. In the recent past, one came across rumors suggesting that GTA 6 will not be launched on PC upon its release.

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Strauss Zelnick, who serves as the CEO of Take-Two Interactive, recently dropped a hint about GTA 6 arriving on PC. Zelnick stated that an announcement pertaining to GTA 6 will happen in “due time”. Zelnick made these comments during the TD Cowen Conference which was organized in New York recently. The CEO also shed light on some of the plans Rockstar has for the PC release of GTA 6. He also stated that there is no surety of GTA 6 having a console-only release.

Take Two Interactive Drop

Zelnick, during the conference, stated that console exclusivity is not something Take-Two has ever been interested in. He further said that the right strategy for the company would be to make its products accessible to the consumers and ensure they do not face any difficulty while using them. Zelnick said that Take-Two is not averse to any platform and would be happy to put up its titles on any platform that would justify its presence. Zelnick’s statements have given fans hope about a GTA 6 PC announcement happening soon.

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Zelnick said that fans should not feel disappointed by the fact that a GTA 6 PC announcement has not happened yet. He further said that “the only thing that happens after the lack of an announcement is an announcement”.

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